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All About The Michigan Center for Capoeira

The Michigan Center for Capoeira was started by Baz Michaeli in Feb. 2007 at Positive Attitude Dance Academy in Farmington, Michigan. Since then, The Michigan Center for Capoeira has been working hard to promote the art of Capoeira and introducing it by teaching capoeira  workshops at kids' camps, after school programs, performing at festivals, fairs and fundraisers. The Michigan Center for Capoeira is constantly growing and more people are becoming aware and taking part of our Capoeira community. 


Our Vision:

We at the Michigan center for capoeira strive to help develop a new generation of healthy, happy and independent human beings through the art of Capoeira.


Our Goals

To build a community through Capoeira, that opens its doors to all of those interested in learning the art form. Accepting everyone regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, build, gender, etc.


To unite, promote and develop the art of Capoeira through cultural exchange, personal developments and involvement in the community. Uniting people from different ethnicity, religion, culture, locations, and languages through the art of Capoeira and social events.


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