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Capoeira is one of the youngest yet fastest growing art form today. This Afro-Brazilian sport is an ideal multi lateral training, combining martial arts, dance, acrobatics & music, making it perfect for kids and teens. Students enjoy a fun, educational and cultural experience.


Let our school come to yours!  Audiences learn about the cultural history of capoeira, our instruments and songs, and can participate in demonstrations too! 

Contact us to learn more about our demonstrations in schools and community performances.


Through out the year The Michigan Center for Capoeira has visited several events, schools, camps, universities and etc. providing performances, demonstrations, presentation and workshops. CLICK HERE to see our letters of recommendations

Performances, Demonstration, Private Events

Want a Capoeira Performance for your event, wedding, Bar/Bat mitzvah, graduation party? 

The Michigan Center for Capoeira can make it happen! We can create a one of a kind show for your next party, fundraiser or special event.


Call or email to find out more about our performances and availability.


The Michigan Center for Capoeira

Contra-Mestre Baz


The Michigan Center for Capoeira's performance at the Brazilian Night Fundraiser For Daniel Schneider at the Dirty Martini! Enjoy

Example of Capoeira Performance at Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Wedding, graduation Parties and other events.

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