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Capoeira for Kids

We at The Michigan Center for Capoeira, believes that though the art of Capoeira we are able to help raise the next generation of youth. Opened minded and educated in culture, fitness, self-expression and much more. 


Capoeira is one of the youngest yet fastest growing art form today. This Afro-Brazilian sport is an ideal multi lateral training, combining martial arts, dance, acrobatics & music, making it perfect for kids and teens. Students enjoy a fun, educational and cultural experience.


Capoeira is a non-violent form of self defense. It empowers kids to explore their hidden talents, enhance their physical and mental abilities, all while giving them an outlet to be themselves and achieving a sense of identity as an individual.


Kids Classes Available

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The game of capoeira has multiple proven health, mental and social benfefits on children.


  • A stronger immune system - the body’s ability to fight disease is improved.

  • Children are less prone to colds, allergies and diseases including cancer.

  • A reduction of type 2 diabetes caused by increased insulin sensitivity and improved carbohydrate metabolism.

  • Strengthens the entire cardiovascular system, including the heart and lungs, supporting the prevention of heart disease.

  • Children are less likely to become overweight.

  • Children develop stronger bone structure and muscle structure.

  • More energy, even after a long school day.

  • Better brain function.

  • Increased powers of concentration.

  • Quality of sleep is improved.


  • Capoeira teaches discipline, leadership skills.

  • Children learn a new language and are introduced to a whole new culture.

  • Capoeira decreases anxiety, reduces depression, improves mood and outlook in children.

  • Children learn planning and strategy by performing in the roda.

  • Capoeira helps children deal with social issues and teaches respect for friends and opponents.


    Perhaps most importantly, this physical activity develops children’s self-esteem and confidence. Their ability to overcome difficult situations improves and they simply enjoy a better, sunnier outlook on life and develop a resilient character.

Capoeira within the school curriculum

The Michigan Center for Capoeira has devised learning systems for Elementry School [Grade 1-4], Middle/Junior High School [Grade 5-8] and High School [Grade 9-12]. Our goal is to help create meaningful and rewarding learning experiences that will remain with the children for the rest of their lives, and to to revive a culture of stronger non-violent citizens.


  • Capoeira – Martial art and self defence training.

  • Training in traditional Capoeira music.

  • Capoeira history.

  • Percussion.

  • Dance – Afro, Samba, Maculele.

  • Acrobatics.

  • Games.




  • The Michigan Center for Capoeira conducts regular student assessments. As capoeira is a non competitive sport, there is no grading system, however the assessments are created in a way that the child competes with him/herself.

  • Every year, The Michigan Center for Capoeira holds a the Kids Festival and Batizado ceremony, a "baptism" of new students and graduation of senior students to the next level. Students receive their belts depending on the years of training and the level achieved. International masters from all over the world are invited to this ceremony.

The Michigan Center for Capoeira Enrichment Locations

The Michigan Center for Capoeira offers enrichment programs and the follow schools and facilities.

  • The Michigan Center for Capoeira Academy - 27865 Orchard Lake Rd. Farmington Hills MI 48334

  • The Roeper School - Lower School - 41190 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

  • Detroit Achievement Academy -  7000 W Outer Drive, Detroit, MI, 48235  

  • Detroit Prep - 2411 Iroquois, Detroit, MI, 48214

  • Birmingham Covington School - 1525 Covington Rd. Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301

  • Four Corners Montessori Academy - 1075 E. Gardenia Ave. Madison Heights, MI 48071


We would love to come to your school for an enrichment program, demonstration or workshop - Contact us TODAY 

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